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“Be back soon” – Best practices for managing employee leaves


As much as we try to distinguish them, work and personal life are innately tethered to one another. Things come up at work that will leak into our personal lives, and our personal lives will certainly seep their way into the workplace. To keep a healthy work-life balance, this sometimes requires employees to take a temporary of leave of absence from their job.

Read on to learn how to navigate these requests and what to do during the leave of absence.

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Terminating without cause under the Canada Labour Code – is it legal?


On February 1, 2024, the minimum requirements for notice periods regarding the individual termination of employees changed, with notice amounts now tied to the individual’s length of employment. These amounts are outlined below and are in addition to any severance amounts that the employee may be entitled to under the Canada Labour Code.

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Menstrual products now available in federally-regulated workplaces


Beginning December 15, 2023, the federal government implemented a requirement that all federally regulated employers are now required to provide pads and tampons to any employee who needs them while on the job at their workplace. 

Read on to find out more! 

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Absenteeism: the cost and how to deal with it


If your employees are not showing up to work, it can be frustrating.

Chronic absenteeism is the habitual pattern of frequent, unplanned and unauthorized absences from work, as well as any failure to report for scheduled work, or to stay at work when scheduled. Chronic absenteeism represents a breach of the implicit social contract between employee and employer - the employee is expected to be available and able to work when scheduled and that the employer pays the employee in exchange for work.

Absenteeism can cost an organization greatly, but the costs are often not well understood and easily dismissed.

To help you understand, we have compiled a definitive guide to dealing with the problem so you can set expectations, make decisions that are compliant with employment regulations and get staff at work!

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Asserting your assertiveness


How nurturing this nuanced skill can transform your working world

Being assertive is a valuable skill. Think of the magnanimous bounty hunter Han Solo in Star Wars or the magical Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series—both exude confidence, they say what they mean, they’re trusted allies, and they’re successful in achieving their life goals.

In the working world, being assertive is an equally valuable competence. Assertiveness does not mean being aggressive or domineering – it means expressing your thoughts, needs, and expectations in a confident, respectful, and constructive manner. It means being present and listening actively. It means believing in yourself and staying steady in the face of adversity.

None of this is easy, though, and does not always come naturally (like for Han or Hermione) … nurturing your assertiveness is an exercise in nuance. By mastering this skill, you will feel more comfortable with the choices you make and create a positive work environment that fosters effective communication and productivity.

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