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“Be back soon” – Best practices for managing employee leaves


As much as we try to distinguish them, work and personal life are innately tethered to one another. Things come up at work that will leak into our personal lives, and our personal lives will certainly seep their way into the workplace. To keep a healthy work-life balance, this sometimes requires employees to take a temporary of leave of absence from their job.

Read on to learn how to navigate these requests and what to do during the leave of absence.

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Absenteeism: the cost and how to deal with it


If your employees are not showing up to work, it can be frustrating.

Chronic absenteeism is the habitual pattern of frequent, unplanned and unauthorized absences from work, as well as any failure to report for scheduled work, or to stay at work when scheduled. Chronic absenteeism represents a breach of the implicit social contract between employee and employer - the employee is expected to be available and able to work when scheduled and that the employer pays the employee in exchange for work.

Absenteeism can cost an organization greatly, but the costs are often not well understood and easily dismissed.

To help you understand, we have compiled a definitive guide to dealing with the problem so you can set expectations, make decisions that are compliant with employment regulations and get staff at work!

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Is your job abandonment policy legal?


Have you ever had an employee fail to show up to work for an extended period of time, with no word or warning, and marked them off as a case of job abandonment?

Many employers have a job abandonment policy which states something along the lines of “after three consecutive, unauthorized absences an employee shall be considered to have abandoned their job”. There is a common misconception that this legal and correct.

In all actuality, the employer has a high threshold that they must meet in order to prove that the employee abandoned their job. A resignation must be clear and unequivocal.

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5 benefits to using Legacy Bowes for your recruitment needs


One of today's greatest business challenges is finding and hiring great employees. We are currently experiencing a candidate's market – there are more available positions than there are suitable candidates.  

Over the past few years, many businesses have experienced the shortage of qualified candidates on the job market. More so, hiring managers may not have the time or resources to find the best fit for the role, which can have a devastating impact on their bottom line.  

The talent acquisition team at Legacy Bowes can help take the guesswork out of hiring. Read on to discover why companies trust Legacy Bowes when it comes to sourcing and identifying top talent, and why you should consider using a recruitment firm when hiring.  

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Adam Nepon joins Legacy Bowes’ Talent Acquisition Services team as new director of business development


The team at Legacy Bowes is thrilled to announce that Adam Nepon has joined the organization as the new Director of Business Development with Talent Acquisition Services.

Nepon was born and raised in Winnipeg and identifies as both Ashkenazi Jewish and Red River Métis. He has a breadth of experience that spans across industries with backgrounds in business development, human resources, marketing and sales, and strategic organizational planning. As a member of CPHR-MB and a CPHR Candidate, Nepon is currently working towards his designation.

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5 ways to improve team morale

team_highfive-min A smiling group of team members high fiving in a conference room

Did you know that some of the best ways to boost team morale include recognizing good work, developing team goals, and leading by example? It may sound simple on paper but developing good strategies that meet the unique needs of your team require a lot of work and a commitment to improve their working environment. 

Even with the right people and best intentions, team morale can sometimes take a downturn. And if you let it get bad enough, it can have catastrophic consequences for productivity and interpersonal relationships.

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Navigating a Candidate-Driven Market

“Candidate-driven”, “candidate-favouring”, “candidate-short”, “employee’s market”, “labour shortage”, a “candidate’s market” … it doesn’t matter how you’re referring to it – if you’re trying to hire for your organization, you’ve most likely experienced the recent challenges in doing so. There is no doubt – candidates are in the driver’s seat, so what can you do to get in the shotgun seat?

Let’s take a look at ways you can ensure success when searching for candidates.

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