Bill C-92 Support

Bill C-92, an Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Children, Youth, and Familiesreceived royal assent and became law in Canada in 2019. The goal of this act is to keep Indigenous children and youth connected to their families, communities and culture. 

Under Bill C-92, Indigenous communities and groups are free to develop policies and laws based on their particular histories, cultures, and circumstances; free to move at their own pace to implement and enforce these policies and laws. The Bill also enables Indigenous groups and communities to transition towards exercising partial or full jurisdiction over child and family services at a pace they choose.


How Legacy Bowes can help

Legacy Bowes has a long history in supporting capacity development in Indigenous communities and groups. Our approach is to first listen to the needs of the communities we are serving and respond to those requests. Our approach towards assisting with Bill C-92 is no different. 

The Legacy Bowes team can assist Indigenous communities and groups transition towards exercising partial or full jurisdiction over child and family services in a number of ways. In addition to helping facilitate a free information session and sharing insights into how to access funding, we also can help with strategic planning and mapping your community's journey towards the transfer of jurisdiction.


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