Who We Are

Legacy Bowes is an organizational consultant company with experts who specialize in Human Resources, Executive Search, and leadership training in a wide variety of topics.

The legacy behind the company began with Barbara Bowes and the establishment of the Bowes Leadership Group in 1984. With the mantra of “helping leaders lead”, Barbara quickly became known as a Human Resources guru, bringing forth the growth of the business and its reputation.

Today, we are four partners strong and have continued to build upon our long-standing reputation, extending our reach both locally and globally.

NEW Bill Medd Partner Leadership Development

Bill Medd

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Bill is a Partner in Leadership Development, and has a 30-year career in a broad range of businesses, passionate about coaching leaders toward personal growth.

NEW Lisa Cefali Partner Executive Search

Lisa Cefali

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Lisa is an Executive Search & Strategic Development Partner. She is multilingual and has 25 years of progressively responsible senior leadership experience.

Paul Croteau Managing Partner 400

Paul Croteau

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Paul is a managing partner at Legacy Bowes and has more than 30 years of experience in recruiting senior management and executive leadership professionals.

NEW Barbara Bowes Lead Human Resources 400

Barbara Bowes

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Barbara is a Human Resources Partner and leader in the field of HR. She is also a weekly columnist with the Winnipeg Free Press, and a published author of 7 books.


TIPI Insurance Partners Inc. have acquired 75% of Legacy Bowes, allowing us to increase our capacity, services, and investment into Indigenous community development. This partnership was a vision come true.

We are proud to be partnered with TIPI Insurance, a majority Indigenous-owned insurance brokerage that represents 60 First Nation community shareholders across Western Canada. They have evolved their practice in order to prioritize Indigenous communities’ concerns over rising insurance costs, inadequate coverage, poor service, and community engagement.

We are now Indigenous-owned and in addition, are newly offering a Truth and Reconciliation Commission Call to Action 92 Training program. This course trains employees in cultural diversity and Indigenous awareness, as well as encourages an inclusive workforce, develops creative employment initiatives, and embraces social responsibility initiatives.


“Through our new partnership with Legacy Bowes, we can offer greater access to human resource development, recruitment services, leadership development and human resource training to all our current and future clients or communities we serve.”

- Nathan Ballantyne
CEO, TIPI Insurance Partners


What We Do

True to our roots and how Barbara Bowes began, we have been offering Human Resources advice and Executive Search services to organizations of all sizes and stages of growth. Additionally, we provide career management and executive coaching.

We also offer all organizations a chance to grow and develop their professionals through sensitive leadership training topics. We have a number of training programs that are offered to individuals and organizations.

We have been asked to assist in building bridges, creating relationships, and demystifying business practices so that everybody can prosper. We have risen to the challenge and are now looking forward to helping others succeed!

  • Barbara established Bowes Leadership Group in 1984 

  • Barbara and Paul formed partnership in 2004 as Legacy Bowes Group

  • Bill joined as partner in 2015

  • Legacy Bowes entered the funding and grants market in 2015 to assist clients in leadership and HR development

  • Lisa joined as partner in 2016 

  • Lisa obtained designation as a Family Enterprise Advisor in 2018

  • Legacy Bowes partnered with Ron Evans developing TRC No.92 training program in 2019

  • Legacy Bowes is acquired by TIPI Insurance Partners in 2020