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Improving Workplace Culture

Your workplace culture affects everyone within it, as well as everyone who interacts with it.  This makes having a good, healthy, and non-toxic culture so important!  

 By Renee Boyda

Workplace culture is made up of the values, attitudes, and behaviours of employees and leaders within your organization.  So, what is the difference between good and bad workplace culture? Let’s take a look at what negative aspects contribute to a toxic workplace culture, and what positive aspects can create a healthy workplace culture.

Big problems arise with poor workplace culture

Studies show that organizations that have a poor workplace culture have big problems.  High employee turnover and low employee engagement with high rates of absenteeism (and presenteeism) are the top consequences.  When you have all of these issues, your team’s productivity will be very low.

How can you recognize whether you have an excellent or poor/toxic workplace culture? Check out the table below to see a side-by-side comparison!

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