Importance of Brand in Recruitment

It is now well known that executive search consultants aren’t the only ones using the internet to do their searching and online assessment strategies. Job search candidates are using the internet too.


However, they are not only searching out new job opportunities they are also scrutinizing their potential employers. They dig into financial information for public companies and search databases for local court, employment standards and human rights violations.

They study corporate websites and check out both former and current employees. They scour the newspapers, old job ads and finally, they  check out market salary and compensation information to help them get ready for their interviews. The result is that almost 60% of job seekers feel that organizational brand and reputation is more important than it was just five years ago.

 So, what does this mean for your organization?  It means that as a leader you need to build and sustain an effective brand and implement a robust executive search process in order to attract candidates.

One of the key strategies used by Legacy Bowes is the development of a mini-website. We know that it is absolutely frustrating for a  candidate to go to a general website and then try to search for all the information they might be seeking in order to make the choice to apply or not. Having a simple, single mini-website erases all this frustration.

The website should tell the story of the organization, describing the job, the first year objectives and of course, the qualifications and experience required. The website offers access to annual reports, financial information, studies and services offered by the employer as well as any other item that would be of interest to a potential candidate. The website is designed to “sell” the organization and “sell” the job opportunity. It steers the conversation to issues of concern to the candidate. Often employee and/or vendor testimonials can be included.

Another success strategy is to provide video discussions with a president and/or Executive Director. This gives a personal touch to the candidate and helps them to get a feel for leadership and the cultural environment of the organization. In other words, the mini-website arms potential candidates with all the important elements of the brand message.

One thing to keep in mind is to ensure the consistency of your brand. For instance, if your website portrays a fashionable office, then a candidate expects to see that when they arrive for an interview. If you speak about friendliness, candidates need to see and experience this behavior. If not, a so called “disconnect” will occur.

Unfortunately, the potential candidate will recognize this disconnect yet he/she may not figure out exactly what it is. They just know they don’t have a good feeling about the organization and will ultimately turn the job down.

As you expect, an executive search consultant is not a brand expert but we are expert at showcasing your brand in a way that attracts potential employees. Each step of the search process must consistently and clearly market your brand. This includes the job profiles, advertisements, the mini-website, initial inquiry conversations and face to face interview interaction.

Being objective advisors, we can easily see how all these brand elements link together so that we can maximize the communication activities required to ensure an accurate picture of your organization is presented to the candidates.

Organizations must be extremely cautious about their brand. That’s because the internet is such a common and powerful tool in today’s market that a disgruntled candidate could quickly post his/her bad experience. Working with an executive search professional to build in safeguards and create an integrated recruitment success is well worth your time and money.

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