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Seven Ways to Attract Talent for Construction

The fight for talent in construction has never been more intense, but with the right information and approach, you can win the talent game every time.


Finding talent for construction has never been easy. Unlike other professions, construction professionals tend to avoid the online spotlight and are not as active on social media or recruiting sites. It makes sense if you think about it; construction is about the physical world, building and making things concrete – sometimes literally.

The past couple of years has seen tremendous change, and not just because of a virus. We are also at a moment of time when:

  • Construction has been leaned on and will continue to be leaned on to stimulate our economy
  • The next generation (GenZ) is entering the workforce with a new set of values
  • Retirements are on the rise and coupled with less people entering the industry, we are facing a labour shortage

Simply put, we have a situation where there are more jobs than there are qualified people. And of those qualified people, the up-and-comers are vastly different in terms of their values and priorities.

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