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Your best ambassador? A great transition out!

As organizations bring on new employees a great deal of detail goes into the letter of offer to ensure compensation and benefits are compelling. The business leader and HR also ensure that the onboarding process is ready to provide a smooth transition into the organization. After all, the effort and approach taken with a potential candidate is, in itself, being considered and evaluated before the final outcome is determined. It should be – word gets around! A great hire can be your best ambassador to continually attracting good people.

But what about when an employee leaves? Word still gets around. In the recruitment and executive search industry we ask every candidate, “Why did you leave?” If the choice was not the employee’s, the answers are quite interesting, colourful and some, even entertaining. I would guess that even the most colourful stories that I hear are quite vanilla compared to the version shared with family and friends over a few drinks!

What is most evident is that employees given career transition services are by far the most complimentary when speaking of the organization they were released from. 

So, why would an organization leave this part of their brand to chance? Yes, it’s your brand that gets trashed when an unhappy employee walks out your door – and you should care! It is not common practise to discuss career transition package during the offer stage of hiring. It's not the most common means of enticing a candidate to join your organization. However, does it not send a great message to current, future and exiting employees?

That message is, “This company treats its people well!”

Career transition packages are a minimal investment to ensure that the message of how you treat people is seen as favorable. Every employee that comes into the Legacy Bowes Group office for  career transition services generally do have a certain profile. They are in shock, they are uncertain and they are eager to begin this next phase of their career path. We spend time with each individual over several sessions. We begin with supporting their current state and where they have come from. Sometimes it takes a while for them to view the end of one career as the beginning of an even better opportunity. We take that time.

We assist with assessing strengths, interests, skills sets and, where the possible, new options. We assist in resume writing and the best approach for seeking out the next opportunity. If it has been a while since the individual has interviewed, we assist them growing comfortable with the experience. We arrange meetings with our recruiters so that the individual can be kept top of mind as we work with different clients. We ensure the individual is best equipped to be the best candidate for that next opportunity. He or she walks out of that last career transition session feeling empowered, very optimistic, and regardless of the situation that brought them to us, pretty positive about their former employer.

Why would you NOT want to ensure a positive message is said about your organization?

Again, the effort that goes into hiring people, then investing in them while they are employed with you, and finally the small investment of the career transition service, all speaks to your brand. You have the opportunity to address a difficult situation with positive actions. You can show the employee that his/her value is simply not a fit for the organization at this time, and not that you think any less of the individual. It's a strong message and one that will be repeated once the individual is on his/ her way to another career path.

Unfortunately, many companies do not see the career transition package and  dismissal discussion as an investment in their entire hiring process. It is simply a necessary action that must be taken and one that needs to be done quickly in order to move on. It's important to recognize that your last discussion and final handshake with the employee you have walked out is still an investment in your brand. It can be seen as positive, but without it, you are losing a valuable opportunity to attract good people in the future.

Consider the true cost of not having career transition services available to your employees, especially when you have a larger group involved. Consider the impact that these services, when done well, can have on personal lives of employees – people you spent a lot of time and effort recruiting for your company. Let us at Legacy Bowes assist you in completing this last piece and an integral part of your brand positioning. People talk – ensure you have given them the best things to say!

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