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The 911 for Employee Relations – We’re Here for You!


Starting or running your own small business involves a great deal of hard work, commitment and the ability to understand a great deal of information. The initial catalyst to being a business owner is usually predicated around being a believer in a certain product or a trend that you think can be addressed or an opportunity to be your own boss.

Interestingly enough, it’s rare that you start a business because you get jazzed up about doing the books, creating work schedules, hiring people, negotiating and/or leasing contracts. And no one starts a business just to buy supplies, meet with banks, purchase office furniture and repair and/or replace all the items that will wear down! Yet as a business owner, no matter what industry, these are all the tasks that will take up a large portion of your day. So much for the excitement of running your own business! You ARE the Boss, and you now have to do bossy things.

Thank goodness there’s help available so you don’t feel like it’s all up to you. A lawyer, accountant and bank manager will assist when you start, as you grow and when you’re considering the next phase, to diversify or to sell. However, most business owners seem to think they should just "KNOW" how to do the employee thing!

The ability and process of managing, motivating and retaining people, is a lot harder than most think! Often it’s simply thought of as simply requiring you to have everyone sit around the table and you hand out tasks/roles…."You - meet with the suppliers; You - make the donuts, and You - organize the office." Then again, an assumption is made that you will inherently know what to say to employees and how to bring them into the business so that everyone benefits.

The reality is, this is not the case! Your people make or break your business!

Your team, your employees are one of the most important aspects of any business, and even more so, as a small business owner or a start-up company. It’s rare, that someone is tasked with the sole responsibility of looking after "people" and/or employee Relations.

Put a group of 500 people in one building all working for the same company and there’s a natural assumption a Human Resource Department would be on each of the floors! Spread these same people out over multiple locations, or across a seasonal business and the assumption is that each smaller group will somehow, magically, take care of any of the people issues that may arise.

Our consultants see this situation frequently as we are invited in to work with companies at various stages in their business cycle. One of the key requests for service is Employee Relations. This includes conducting organizational reviews, developing a motivational culture, developing leaders and hiring new employees.

We don’t assume anything. We work with Business Owners and let them know their feelings of confusion are normal. After all, you have a lot on your plate in starting up your business! Not only that, why do you think you should be good at every aspect of running a business, simply because you’re the owner? Wearing every management "hat" is not mandatory! Actually, your job is knowing there are many hats to wear and knowing that you can get help with each of these hats is what makes a good leader."

Legacy Bowes Group is offering our "911 Employee Relations" breakfast for new entrepreneurs and business Owners, no matter the stage of business. We will roll out "HR in a Box" – the lite version of what every business should have in place until they’ve grown to the point of needing an HR department. We will help you to create a basic foundation for creating an organization culture that aligns with your values and that all employees can be proud to be a part of. This is the basis of good employee relations.

We will also share Results Centered Leadership - the opportunity to give the key leaders of any operation the understanding of what they need to know to be a good leader. We get it! Business owners and entrepreneurs are busy working in the business! They don’t have time to pull themselves out of it for an extended period of time to focus on Leadership tools. However, by simply obtaining insight, into the 5 basic areas that they should focus on, will allow them to create a foundation that as the business grows, so do all of their people.

For example, Pina Romolo, President and owner of Piccola Cucina, a 9 year old company, specializing in Almond based specialty cookies and pie crusts, has managed to grow her business, selling through 5 distribution centres across Canada, direct to specialty stores and direct to consumers through her website.

With her mom Anita in the kitchen making the product and Pina out there building the business relationships to grow the business, all operational tasks lie on them. Through the advice of key board members and associations within their food industry as well as through trusted advisors, they slowly but surely put a fully functional and successful operation in place.

Pina reached out to the Food and Beverage Manitoba, to seek guidance on which human resource policies should be in place even before she hired her next employees. Now, as she begins expanding her team, she realized the importance of creating a team that would align with her values for the company and who would embrace her vision that she could build upon. It was important enough to ensure she did it right.

Pina has said, "Relying on trusted advisors like Legacy Bowes Group to provide assistance with the search, provide insight, discuss options, and ideas, allows me to focus on the part of the business that I know best, and grow in the areas that I don’t work in, every day. The company I want to create is not about only having a successful product in the marketplace, but also crating a team and organization where people want to work. I want to be considered a good leader, someone people want to work with, a company that has a an environment that is positive, and where people don’t see it simply as a job, but are excited to know they are an important part and are valued with what they each contribute."

"I think that HR in a Box is just what we need to get us to the next stage. It will be customized to fit my company and I’ll have a roadmap to make me not just a business owner, but a really good leader. With the health trends we are seeing, we know we are on the verge of something really impactful by bringing a tasty, line of products to the market. As a business owner, a wife, and a mom, I know I can’t do it all myself."

The 911 on Employee Relations will be held at the Radisson Hotel on December 11, 2018 from 7:30 – 9:30am. Leading experts will introduce the concept of HR in a Box & Leadership Development for Business Owners so that a customized approach can be used with each and every one. To register, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., a nominal fee of $25 for breakfast will be collected. A limited number of seats are available, so register soon!

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