Selecting an Executive Search Firm

Have you ever thought about the fact that an executive search firm is actually an extension of your own business brand? Yes, that’s correct!  The reputation of your search professional does indeed reflect on your corporate brand. How we do our job, our approach and our professionalism all serves to reinforce your brand image whenever candidates are approached and presented with your opportunity.

So, just how do we do this? Representing your brand requires the search professional to know what your brand stands for and what promises you are making through your brand. Search professionals need to take special care to understand your organization. They need to spend a great deal of time getting to know your organization and how the consultants as a third party can communicate your brand clearly and effectively.

Once our consultants understand your corporate brand, we discuss the best place to find a candidate match for skills, culture and future objectives. This ensures that when we reach out to potential contacts, we can represent your needs with a sense of authority and consistency as we encourage individuals to consider the opportunity.

Much of our research and networking approach parallels your own brand building strategy…in other words, we get the message about the opportunity into the marketplace again and again and again. This is why Legacy Bowes Group has been so successful in identifying and locating those hard to find candidates for your opportunity.

Another branding strategy is honesty and transparency. As search consultants, we explore your unique corporate features and identify what makes your organization stand out as a best place to work? We make every attempt to understand all the nuances of your corporate culture, the corporate history, your successes, current challenges and future objectives. Then, we are honest with candidates with respect to the challenges they will encounter.

Branding goes beyond the signs, symbols, products and services provided by your organization and reaches internally to the credibility and reputation of key leaders. Every single person in an organization impacts on its brand. Strongly branded organizations also reach out and engage with community influencers by volunteering and contributing back to society

As with your own branding strategy, Legacy Bowes Group has also worked hard to build our brand by ensuring a highly qualified team with stellar, award winning reputations. Book authors, keynote speakers, radio/TV personalities, association leaders and sports fanatics combined with well-educated and experienced recruiters and support staff all enable us to continue building our strong brand in the community. 

One of the advantages of working with a known search brand is that we are easily recognized because our distinct reputation precedes us. As a result, people answer the phone and return emails, they instinctively know why we are contacting them and most often they are ready to listen.

Branding today also includes the effective use of social media to market your business. Our firm leverages this by applying unique social media and research strategies to identify and screen candidates that will fit your organization. We ensure your special search microsite is consistent with your branding initiatives and your own website so that a similar message is always communicated.

Another reason why the brand of your executive search firm is so important is the concept of “essence”. This refers to how each candidate is treated and how they feel about being involved in the search competition. Yes, it is a rather intangible idea but it is also critical. How we make a candidate feel during the search process can make or break their success in wishing to move forward. That’s because their “touchpoint” experience with the search professional parallels what they believe they’ll experience with your organization. In other words, how we make a candidate feel becomes the “brand” for both the search firm and the client.

Finally, branding provides candidates with predictability. Thus, we believe it is important to inform candidates about the process they will encounter. We define, describe and deliver! Whether or not a candidate is successful as they strive to join your organization, they always report an appreciation for the process and the respect they received.

Branding for professionalism and credibility is a significant issue when selecting the right search firm for you.  Matching your excellent business reputation with that of a best branded search firm will bring you the talent you need for continued success.

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