Province Appoints New Chair of Manitoba Women's Advisory Council

Barbara Bowes has been appointed the chair of the Manitoba Women’s Advisory Council (MWAC), Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires, the minister responsible for the status of women, announced today.


“I look forward to the insight and guidance Barbara Bowes will bring in her new role and we will benefit greatly from the wisdom and experience she brings,” said Squires. “Manitobans will be familiar with her name through her work as a newspaper columnist and many of us have benefited from the keen professional advice she has offered over the years.”


Bowes is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, professional strategist/consultant and president of Legacy Bowes Group. She is a certified management consultant and human resource management professional who holds a master of administration in education degree. In addition to her experience as a business owner, Bowes has led human resource teams at international and regional accounting firms. She is a weekly columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press and the author of seven books.


“Women’s issues have played a big role in my career,” said Bowes. “I am excited about being part of helping to move the goals of the Manitoba Status of Women Secretariat forward through the Women’s Advisory Council.”


MWAC was established through an Order in Council in 1980. It serves as an advisory board to the government on issues of concern to women and works to enhance the overall status of women.

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