Retirement Readiness 

13. Laurie Heather and Vicki

Retirement Readiness is Succession Planning! 

Your company offers great benefits, but is pre-retirement planning on your list of options?

The Legacy Bowes Group/Career Partners International Retirement Options program for your older employees should be an essential component of your succession planning strategies. Helping employees plan their preretirement years while continuing to contribute to your organization will ensure you’ll never be caught off guard with a surprise exit and an unexpected loss of institutional knowledge.

When your employee is looking ahead to retirement and feels supported by their organization,they are much more likely to give advanced notice, sometimes years prior to their exit. Pre-retirement planning needs to be a key part of succession planning because these employees will then have time to share their knowledge and help in training and mentoring the new generation during their transition to retirement.

The Legacy Bowe/Career Partners International partnership believes that retirement planning is much more than financial. Retirement is all about personal change inclusive of emotional, health and psychological preparation!

Our program offers a social/emotional retirement assessment and an opportunity to work one-on-one with a certified coach to identify areas that need attention and to plan for a smooth and successful transition to retirement, their next stage of life.

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