Achieving Authentic Success

Achieving Authentic Success (AAS) is a leadership training program which explores how your personal leadership effectiveness has a direct impact on your performance and productivity in your personal life as well as in your professional career. Our Merit Team Dynamics training program incorporates a professional “psychometric tool” that assesses each participant’s individual character competencies and behavioural traits which form the foundation of each person’s overall Personal Leadership Effectiveness. We reveal the strengths and areas for improvement regarding an individual’s overall Personal Leadership Effectiveness on a personal, team, positional and organizational level.

The program will include:
• Completing a survey and interpret participants’ personal profile report to identify their character strength areas and developmental needs.
• Create a life action plan using the survey profile information and the ten key areas of the program.
• Approach your personal and professional goals with more clarity and purpose so you can maximize your personal leadership effectiveness.
• Refine, clarify and articulate a definition of success that is in harmony with the real you and will allow you to lead a balanced, fulfilled and significant life.

The Training Program and Objectives

Each participant will discover and learn how to:
• Be proactive, create core habits and personal discipline
• Develop an accurate self-image
• Embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities
• Drive your actions by your values
• Be goal focused in all areas of your life
• Balance priorities, attitudes, and goals in all vital areas
• Maintain unity in all relationships
• Live a centered character-based lifestyle
• Accept change and make the right corrections
• Remain focused on what is important and never give upg upon their relationships with these same employees, and providing an overall positive impact on the company’s objectives. This goal setting focused, hands-on, and behaviour changing program produces measurable results in both the leaders participating in the course and the individuals whom they lead.

The program includes both written and recorded materials — for easier learning and retention – and provides for both practical business experiences as well as personal applications. It also provides for step-by-step practice and exercises that reinforce key concepts. In addition, we also supplement the specific areas that are causing concern with additional exercises and practical hands-on experience.

Program Structure

Below is a description of the 10 modules of the program with instructional hours and intended learning outcomes.

1. Make Things Happen  
2. Achieve Personal Significance  
3. X out the Negatives  
4. Internalize Right Principles  
5. March to a Mission  
6.  Integrate All of Life  
7. Zero in on Caring for People  
8. Engerize Internally  
9. Realign Rigorously  
10. Stay the Course  


Frequently Asked Questions - 

How will the participants be assessed/evaluated?

During the first introductory session, participant handbooks and reading materials will be introduced and reviewed such that all aspects and requirements of the program are well understood. Prior to each session, participants will be required to read, listen, complete the accompanying assessments and write their personal and applied business goals in readiness for their next personal meeting.

What is the total training duration/length & total training hours?

The program will be delivered with the Session 1 being delivered in 5 hours and then 5 additional sessions in 4 hours in length for a total of 25 hours of face to face sessions. The participants will also have 25 hours of assignments (homework) throughout the program.  The facilitator will have ongoing discussions with the applicant to ensure all areas of concerns are addressed.

What is the cost of this course?

The cost of the course is $5,000.00 per individual.

Who is the instructor that will be facilitating this course?

Legacy Bowes Group Partner of Leadership Development, Bill Medd is the qualified and experienced facilitator of this comprehensive course. Read his bio here!

Is there a limit on the number of participants who can participate at one time?

There is no minimum or maximum for our course (If preferred, we can present in one to one training) but our preferred course size is in the range of 12 – 20 people. Give us a call and we can build a tailored training program to help your team reach new heights!