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I need to hire for a key position that is difficult to fill. How can I get help? Posting my own ad has not worked, I need to change my approach. What positions can I apply for?

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What is it my organization needs to do to move beyond symbolism to a path forward to meaningful reconciliation? We are ready to adopt and implement best practice to develop strong relationships with Indigenous peoples and their communities. Where do we start to participate in this 3-phase endorsement program?

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What corporate training options exist to help us develop our managers and staff? It’s time for a career change – what’s next? We’re going through a restructuring and want to help our employees’ transition. Where do we start?

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Can you help me find funding for business growth, training or innovation? We’ve tried it on our own - now we need help with negotiations and could use some advice! We are in need of a better HR Plan… where do we start?

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Legacy Bowes

A comprehensive range of Recruitment, Leadership Development, and Business Advisory services, combined with our local expertise and global reach, are among the reasons Legacy Bowes has gained a first-class reputation with employers across Canada. We are now Indigenous owned and have ever more resources to navigate the ever changing business environment, including assisting organizations in the path to Reconciliation by offering our TRC Call to ACTION 92 Program – Moving Beyond Symbolism and Embracing Real Action by training client employees in cultural diversity, Indigenous awareness and better business practices – to achieve success for all non-indigenous and indigenous businesses.

We have been asked to assist in building bridges, creating relationships and demystifying business practices so that everyone can prosper. We have risen to the challenge and are now looking forward to help others succeed!

Our Clients span all business landscapes and encompass a variety of sectors, including start-up companies, small owner-operated and family enterprises, major corporations, Band Councils, non-profit organizations and community associations across Canada.

Whether your organization is in the beginning stages of your business journey, or well-established in your industry sector, Legacy Bowes can help you! We can assist you locally, regionally and even nationally through our affiliate partners in search, with Waterhouse Executive Search, and in career transition and leadership with Career Partners International.

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Being Culturally Responsive for a Good Workplace

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Location: Zoom Webinar
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Serious discussions happening all around us are changing the world as we know it.  Terms such as, systemic racism, unconscious bias, lateral violence, racism and diversity are being discussed as #BlackLivesMatter and #IndigenousLivesMatter rallies play out on our streets and across all media platforms.

So what does any of that mean for your workplace?  What is the right thing to say and do now? And what does it mean to be an ally?

On July 28th Legacy Bowes, a Tipi Insurance owned company, held a free webinar on how to direct the discussions in our workplaces and create a safe space for staff.  While the topics are heavy, they are timely with the calls to action from various reports such as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry. 

For more information on upcoming sessions, or to host a webinar for your organization - please contact Steffani Biffin, Client Relations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Watch Past Sessions

  • July 28, 2020 Being Culturally Responsive with Sheila North and Lisa Cefali