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Topic: How to Manage Workplace Stressors

Location: ZOOM
Next Call Date: June 22, 2022 10 - 11am CDT

Stressful conditions at work can lead to negative health consequences for employees, no matter where you work. This can look like team members having to deal with lateral violence in the workplace or even their own trauma. Making an effort to acknowledge potential stressors and balance our mental wellness can bring relief in the workplace and at home.

Join Carla Cochrane, First Nations Health Researcher, as she looks at stressors and identifying ways of taking care of ourselves in the workplace. 

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Hosted by Kent Brown, Senior HR Consultant, Kind to Your Mind is a free Indigenous-focused wellness webinar featuring guests, topics, current trends and common questions about mental wellness. We take an energetic and supportive approach to mental wellness where attendees will learn activities and tools to use day-to-day.

Suitable for everyone – invite your friends, colleagues and family!

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