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Topic: Groundhog Day: Do We Go to the Office or Are We Still Hibernating?

Location: Zoom Video Calls
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March 25th, 2022 10am - 11am CDT

Does 2022 feel like Groundhog Day? Do we go to the office or are we still hibernating? Does your vaccination policy need a refresh? How do you deal with a reduced workforce when the entire world is burnt out? How do you restate workplace etiquette, or remind staff to be kind to each other. What government supports are still available? How do you cope with anti-vaccine sentiments? How do you maintain employee engagement when everyone is struggling to stay engaged? Things to consider if planning a return to the office.

Join Host Kent Brown, Senior HR Consultant, in this bi-monthly webinar supporting the Leaders and HR staff of First Nations on the tough questions surrounding Human Resources. On March 25th he welcomes our team of experts: Tory McNally, Director of HR Services and Sally Roach, HR Consultant to answer all your COVID questions.

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