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Location: Course Delivered Online
Date: July 27, July 30, Aug 4: 10 - 11:30am & Aug 6: 10am - 12:30pm CDT

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This workshop will provide a good understanding of the characteristics of adult learning and the benefits of employee development. Participants will explore strategies to conduct training needs assessments in order to determine both formal and informal training needs. Coaching is a key part of employee development and participants will be able to assess their coaching style and learn to apply aa simple model for coaching model.

Topics and activities include:
• •Understanding the value of employee coaching for performance
• The role coaching plays in today’s workplace
• Identifying the skills needed for employee coaching
• Introduction to a five-step model for coaching
• Determining attitude, willingness and readiness
• Analyzing the root cause of performance
• Collecting factual evidence to pinpoint the problem
• Planning for your performance interview
• Strategies for managing the employee interview
• Skilled questioning is the key to success
• Listening is key to coaching success
• Developing a performance improvement plan (PIP)
• Establishing performance goals and measurements
• Partnering for action and results
• Following up for sustained progress
• Managing and monitoring your plan

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