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Location: Course Delivered Online
Date: June 15th, June 18th, June 22nd 10 - 11:30am & June 25th 10am - 12:30pm CDT

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Mental health wellness is often overlooked as priority in the workplace. Employees may be reluctant to share personal information while managers who want to help don’t know what to do. While investing in mental wellness in the workplace is worth the investment, it takes effort and time. This program will outline the complexity and growing priority of mental health wellness in the workplace and how this can be integrated into all areas of human resources

Topics and activities include:
• Defining a psychologically healthy workplace and its benefits
• Discovering the common mental health topics in the workplace
• The spectrum, symptoms and causes of common disorders
• The link between stress and mental health
• Determining the overall impact on the workplace
• Employee rights and accommodation
• What can management do to help?
• What role does training and conflict management play?
• Preparing for and conducting the employee interview
• Partnering with employees to resolve an issue
• Mental health care as an investment
• Summary of leadership skills and strategies
• The importance of training and learning

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