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Location: Course Delivered Online
Date: June 1st, June 4th, June 8th 10 - 11:30am & June 11th 10am - 12:30pm CDT

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The legalization of cannabis (marijuana) permitting recreational use is adding to the stress of managing alcohol, medical marijuana and mental health in the workplace. There are concerns of policy, the application to various different jobs, health accommodation, drug testing and employee safety and simply keeping up with legislations. This program will help participants identify the issues related to Cannabis and create strategies to overcome them in your organization.

Topics and activities include:
• Defining and understanding the cannabis legislation
• Defining cannabis for recreational and medical use;
• Impact of cannabis on work readiness
• Cannabis and alcohol in the workplace – what’s the similarities
• What is the status of your HR policies?
• Managing for medical marijuana accommodation
• Assessing employee safety job requirements
• Readiness for work as a rule of thumb
• Identifying and applying fit for duty
• Random drug testing – are you legal?
• Conducting the employee interview
• Effective problem solving and decision making regarding cannabis
• Competency-based with interactive activities to enhance learning

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